When news of the brutal murder of 8 year old Gabriel Fernandez first headlined in Los Angeles, it had an enormous impact. Mayor Karen Bass said, it “shook the county to its core.” The details were startling. Seasoned first responders broke into tears trying to describe what they saw that night. Medical professionals describe a rapid succession of events that are seared into their memories forever. Gabriel was killed at the hands of his parents, and as their death penalty trial began new and shocking revelations surfaced that also lead to the arrest of four LA county social workers. 

THE TRIALS OF GABRIEL FERNANDEZ is a 6 part investigative series that had an extended run as number one on Netflix. It takes viewers inside those trials and explores the powerful impact Gabriel’s death had on the City’s institutions. In stark, first hand testimony it reveals the way the vulnerable can fall through the cracks. The horrific crime begins a multi-year, multi-agency quest for justice for a young boy who nobody listened to when he was alive.