WEB OF MAKE BELIEVE: Death, Lies and the Internet 

  • WEB OF MAKE BELIEVE: Death, Lies and the Internet is an anthology docu-series that shines a light on the kind of dark, twisted events that could only be reality in our era of digital deception. The workings of social media and the anonymity of the internet create a newly complex and misleading information environment, and we live our lives submerged in it. The series features a Mother who lost her son over a $1.50 video game dispute, teenage girls who were sexually terrorized online and a hacker smart enough to swindle the US Government out of millions of dollars. This series isn’t just about digital misinformation, but more importantly, about the consequences. As one interviewee put it, “when technology is used by two idiots, it creates chaos and it creates disaster.” WEB OF MAKE BELIEVE went live on Netflix in Spring of 2022.
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